PosInformatique.Moq.Analyzers is a library to verify syntax and code design when writing the unit tests using the Moq library.

Installing from NuGet

The PosInformatique.Moq.Analyzers library is available directly on the Nuget official website.

To download and install the library to your Visual Studio unit test projects use the following NuGet command line

Install-Package PosInformatique.Moq.Analyzers

The analyzer is automatically added and activated with their default severity levels.


This section describes the list of the rules analyzed by the library to improve code quality of the unit tests using the Moq library.


Design rules used to make your unit tests more strongly strict.

Rule Description
PosInfoMoq1000: Verify() and VerifyAll() methods should be called when instantiate a Mock<T> instances When instantiating a Mock<T> in the Arrange phase of an unit test, Verify() or VerifyAll() method should be called in the Assert phase to check the setup methods has been called.
PosInfoMoq1001: The Mock<T> instance behavior should be defined to Strict mode When instantiating a Mock<T> instance, the MockBehavior of the Mock instance should be defined to Strict.


Compilation rules check some error during the compilation to be sure that the execution of the unit tests with Mock<T> will not raise exceptions. All the rules of this category should not be disabled (or changed their severity differently of Error).

Rule Description
PosInfoMoq2000: The Returns() or ReturnsAsync() methods must be call for Strict mocks When a Mock<T> has been defined with the Strict behavior, the Returns() or ReturnsAsync() method must be called when setup a method to mock which returns a value.
PosInfoMoq2001: The Setup() method must be used only on overridable members) The Setup() method must be applied only for overridable members.
PosInfoMoq2002: Mock<T> class can be used only to mock non-sealed class The Mock<T> can mock only interfaces or non-sealed classes.
PosInfoMoq2003: The Callback() delegate expression must match the signature of the mocked method The delegate in the argument of the Callback() method must match the signature of the mocked method.